As every industry has few Pre-defined terms and vocabulary items that only the industry related persons can understand, same is the case with Law. So we have compiled a list of regularly used words and defined it as we understand them best.


Embezzlement is a monetary crime committed by a person who is responsible of that asset or property. It basically occurs in any employment or industrial setup.


The type of robbery in which something (especially money) is obtained by force or some kind of threat for example: violence, harm to reputation or property damage etc. Extortion is different from robbery as there is no threat in robbery.


To fake a document by making its copy or imitation in order to deceive the other party involved. Forgery is a term that is specifically used for documents, banknote and signature.

Hate Crimes

A crime that involves violence caused due to the discrimination on basis of religion, caste, gender or other factors.

Indecent Exposure

The act of getting naked in public. It is a type of crime in which the person intentionally shows sexual parts publicly.

Identity Theft

The act of taking loan or credits by using someone else’s name and private information rather than your own identity.

Insurance Fraud

When an insurance broker makes an insurance claim by faking his own death or accident or any kind of major loss in order to get the assured amount. It can also occur from the client side, who offers a bogus insurance policy to their customer.


The act of abducting or holding someone captive against their own free will in order to get ransom. It is often done to seek revenge out of some serious enmity.

Involuntary Manslaughter

To kill someone unintentionally due to any crime negligence or recklessness. It is an unlawful act that results in the unwanted or unexpected death of the victim.

Voluntary Manslaughter

To kill someone intentionally but not with prior intent of murdering. It is done unlawfully out of heat of passion or by any mentally disturbed person.

Money Laundering

To hide the resources of obtaining money through illegal procedures. It is typically done by transferring funds using foreign banks or legal businesses.

First Degree Murder

The unlawful killing of a person that is totally premeditated and willful. The murderer pre-plans and lies in the wait of victim to show up and kills him intentionally.

Second Degree Murder

The unlawful killing of a person that is not planned neither intentional. It is done purely out of heat of passion by the murderer.


The act of willfully lying or not being truthful under your oath. It is often done in courts or while communicating through official documents.


It is a crime where a person gets sexually involved with someone just for the sake of money. It is the occupation of most people and some states consider it a crime.

Pyramid Schemes

The act of promising a large amount to the customers in return of small investments. The term pyramid refers to the point where each customer recruits two more participants where the money is only given to the primary customer.


Dishonesty and fraud in legal businesses. People make it their profession to make profit through fraud and illegal means from business operations.


The un-consensual form of sexual activity, caused by pressure, physical force or injury. It is caused when one person is unwilling and the other person forcefully implements it.


The act of stealing something under severe pressure. It involves the use of metallic weapon such as gun or ammunition where the victim is badly injured.

Securities Fraud

A fraud related to the stock exchange made by a corporate director or officer. It is done unlawfully when someone from within the industry leaks the confidential data of the company.

Sexual Assault

Similar to rape, it is also the type of crime in which a person gets sexually involved with other person without their consent and will. This sexual touching is done forcefully.


A relatively new crime in which the victim is followed, harassed and then threatened by any person regardless of the relationship. It may occur in the celebrities or in ex-spouses who have legal protective order.

Tax Evasion

The act of purposefully avoiding to pay federal or state taxes, whether these taxes are of personal business or any other legal entity.

Telemarketing Fraud

A type of fraud done on phone by calling the costumers and fake selling them goods and receiving a high amount of money from them.

Wire Fraud

The fraud done with someones money or property which is committed through the interstate wires i.e. telephone, radio, computer modem or television.

Felony DUI

An extremely serious crime of driving while drunk is known as felony DUI. It occurs when a drunk driver hits his vehicle and injures the other person severely.

Aiding and Abetting a Crime

The act of supporting or helping someone in doing a crime. It is often held in order to get a commission out of that crime.


The crime of deliberately setting your own or maybe someone else’s property on fire. In some states there are different degrees of arson depending upon the insurance of your building.


The act of giving money or any other valuable thing to someone in order to get a favor in return, mostly used for government or public employment.


Attempted crimes occur when a person intentionally commits a crime, regardless of its success of failure, for example attempted murder.

Computer Crime

A crime done through a computer system. It occurs when someone leaks the sensitive information from the company’s system, false e-mails, using a computer for frauds or interfering in someone else’s computer without authorization.

Drug Trafficking and Distribution

The crime of illegally trading the drugs to and from the country and distributing it among the involved parties. It includes all types of drugs whether liquor or pills.

Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation

The crime of illegally cultivating and manufacturing the drugs from cannabis seeds and marijuana plants. It is considered a crime to grow cocaine and weeds on public lands.

Domestic Violence

Inflicting physical pain or harm to someone from your own house. It is most common in married couples and becomes serious with the severity of injuries. It is also known as spousal abuse.

Disorderly Conduct

Disturbing the peace is also a crime for every state. Disorderly conduct is a type of crime in which people get drunk in public and disturb the peace of the state.

Cyber Bullying

The harassment or making someone bully via internet is also a crime and it has severe punishments according to many country’s laws. Threatening someone or making them do unfair things on the internet also comes under the cyber bulling crime.

Credit Debit card Fraud

The act of illegally using someone’s credit or debit card without their consent. It can either be done by online selling companies or any person who can easily bluff others.


It occurs when two people agree to break the law intentionally, knowing that this is against the law but still take actions to complete it.

Child Pornography

The act of producing, possessing and then selling a material which exploits the sexual abuse of children who are under the age of 18 years.