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The right to a lawyer – budget and time issues for public defenders

Fifty years ago in March, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that everyone accused of a serious crime has a constitutional right to counsel, no matter if they can afford it or not. The decision was made in the Gideon v. Wainwright case.

Ever since then, debates and discussions were created in relation to the quality of public criminal defenses offered, especially due to financial issues and the overburdening of public defenders with more and more cases. Of course, the first recommendation is for those accused in a criminal matter to find an experienced and qualified criminal law attorney that can prepare a high-quality criminal defense and offer specialized legal criminal advice.

However, if you decide to take a chance with a public defender, you need to realize the problems that they are going through. In an analysis of the criminal public lawyers' situation, USA Today’s author Rick Hampson gives the example of public defender offices who, due to overburden and budget issues, are being forced to reject all but the most serious cases. An example is the Florida Supreme Court, which is considering an attempt by the Miami-Dade County public defender’s office to limit its caseload. The main problem cited in this situation is represented by money, due to an increase in the number of criminal cases. Given the overload of cases sent to public defenders, the increase in the number of criminal charges, and budget issues, authorities note the difficulties in dealing with all criminal cases, the long hours that public criminal defenders need to work, as well as the fact that the quality of the criminal defense offered can significantly suffer due to these issues.

In this context, we must underline the importance of finding the best option and the best help to help you in your criminal defense when accused in a criminal case. The difference in the quality and time you receive from your criminal defense team can show significant results in your sentence, from financial penalties to years in prison.

No matter if you face minor criminal charges such as: misdemeanors, tickets, and infractions or very serious felony charges, such as for murder, you should always try to get the best legal counsel available, the most experienced criminal defense attorney.

Even if you think you might not afford it, picking up the phone and calling a criminal lawyer does not cost you anything and you might receive helpful legal advice and even discounts, based on your situation and your case. Make sure you evaluate all your criminal defense options before deciding whether to go with a public defender, who might not have enough time to deal with your case or might case much more serious cases in the works.

Our experienced criminal defense team is always at your disposal for a discussion related to your charges at 954-522-9997.

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