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Texting while driving ban in Florida gets closer

The state of Florida is one-step closer to banning text messaging while driving. “Texting while driving is an epidemic in Florida,” states Representative Doug Holder, the longtime sponsor of a bill to limit the practice...

One person dies every hour in a DUI and DWI accident

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, more than 10,000 people die each year in alcohol related traffic accident, approximately one individual every hour. While law enforcement are always running campaigns to prevent DUI related incidents,...

Manslaughter charges for hazing at FA&M

The legal proceedings in the hazing case at Florida A&M University continue, with CNN announcing this week that twelve former students now face manslaughter charges in the November 2011 hazing death of Florida A&M University drum major...

Law enforcement prepared for spring break DUIs

Florida State law enforcement agencies are getting together to urge spring breakers to not forget the elementary rules of safety, according to a news release by Florida Highway Patrol. Law enforcement officials warn about the dangers of...

Child support – a grown-up issue

While you might think that a personal and private issue such as child-support has nothing to do with criminal and legal issues, you need to reconsider your position and pay attention to this situation, especially if...

How sexting can get you in major trouble

There have been numerous recent cases in the media related to how nude photos emailed or sent by text message are made public and posted online for anyone to see. While the problem is well...

13 years in prison for identity theft

A few days ago, we were discussing the dangers of getting involved in criminal issues related to identity theft and tax fraud, and the necessity to look for legal criminal advice as soon as possible....

Red-light cameras and legal problems

From time to time, the use of red-light cameras in Florida comes into the public and media attention due to its controversial nature, lawsuits regarding its constitutionality, and different legislative initiatives from elected officials. Recently,...

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